Krowd Darden App – Guide to Download Krowd Darden App on Android and iOS

Are you an employee of Krowd Restaurant and want to download the Krowd app? If yes, follow our step by step guide to know how you can download the Krowd app. The employees can check their schedules, benefits information, direct deposit details and paystubs.

The Krowd app, the application login portal is available for all the types of employees who are working with the Darden restaurant chain. The employees will receive the latest news, and they can access their paychecks and other benefits they can receive company news in this post you will learn how to download the app on ios and android.

How To Download The KrowD Darden App On Android:

krowd darden app

First of all, the Krowd app works on almost all of the android versions, be it Marshmallow (6.0), Lollipop (5.0), and Nougat (7.0). but the application is not available on Kitkat or the earlier versions of Kit Kat

The steps for Downloading KrowD Darden App In Android:

If you want to download the Krowd App on your android, make sure that you are registered at KrowD if you are not registered. Visit the website, once the website loads make a new account. Once your registrations are over, you will get an ID. Use that ID for signing in to the app.

Method of Downloading The Steps On Android:

  • visit the website on your browser, you can choose google, internet explorer or Mozilla
  • the link after getting clicked will redirect you to a login page of the KrowD app.
  • Then you will be asked to enter the username and password that you created at the time of registration.
  • If you aren’t registered on the website, then please register yourself. Once the account is activated, you will be able to download the app 3
  • Once you sign in into your account, you will be asked some security questions, answer them
  • Then once you have answered them click on the download button
  • Then press start.
  • You will get free access
  • Once everything is done, you will be assigned with free directories and maps

How to Download KrowD app on iPhone:

Follow the mentioned steps for downloading the KrowD app on your iPhone. This app is compatible with your iPhone.

  • Unlock your phone
  • go to the iTunes store
  • Then enter your Apple ID and your iTunes password
  • On the search bar search for KrowD app
  • Click on it, and it will redirect you to the home screen of the KrowD app
  • Click on the button that says download
  • Once you click the download will begin
  • There will be a blue circle on the screen that will show you the processing of the download
  • Once the circle gets filled, the app will be installed on your iPhone
  • Then open the app turn on the update
  • And voila your app is downloaded and ready to use.


The above steps show that downloading the app on android and Ios are completely different. The process of downloading the Krowd app cannot be replicated. Turn on the updates in the app so that you can stay updated.